Wonderland Singers on Zoom   
online community choir // singing and creativity workshop series  

~ led by Coco Love Alcorn


Fall Choir ~ 12 weeks of singing

You can choose to sign up for Tuesday afternoons or  Wednesday evenings.

Tuesdays at 2pm ET (Sept 28 - Dec 14)  
11am Vancouver, 12pm Calgary, 2pm Toronto, 3pm Halifax... etc 

Wednesdays at 7pm ET (Sept 29 - Dec 15)
4pm Vancouver, 5pm Calgary, 7pm Toronto, 8pm Halifax... etc 


Using loopers to layer my own voice and a host of other instruments, I will lead the group through a mix of my original songs, some covers, and music of the moment; focusing on folk, soul, and spirit lifting songs. Everything will be taught by ear using mostly call and response singing. Together we will explore melody, harmony, rhythm, creativity, improvisation, inspiration, and the joy of singing. ~ Coco 


Important note: Due to varying internet speeds and lag times, all the participant singers are muted and hearing just me when we sing.  


A bit more about the Wonderland Singers 

The Wonderland Singers is a 12-week interactive, spontaneous, playful, choose-your-own-adventure-style singing group. We get together once a week over Zoom to sing. Each week Coco will lead a mix of light and easy singing along, learning and practicing harmony parts, and some creative playtime.  

Singing over Zoom offers a lot of unique opportunities. Everyone but Coco is muted, so you can sing whatever you want, whenever you want! Coco will be offering melodies and harmony parts, giving suggestions and directions all throughout every singing session, but if there are moments you feel inspired to sing something else... do that! If you want to take a break and sit back and listen, do that! If you feel like bringing an instrument with you and jamming along, go for it! If you want to dance along, or draw or paint or cook dinner while we sing, that's cool too. Always feel free to follow your own whims and musical ideas in this group. In other words, you can make this your own. 

Every second week, everyone is invited to stick around after the singing for casual social time. We break out into groups of about 3–6 people and chat for about 15/20 minutes. It's a great opportunity to connect with friendly humans from all across Canada, the States, and even beyond! 

As for “attendance” and “homework”, everything is 100% optional. If you just want to show up for the sessions when you're able to and catch the moments you can... and if sometimes you’re even late and need to leave early… totally fine. If you want to dig in on the members page and learn all the harmony parts for every song, great! However you want to approach singing in the Wonderland Singers is up to you. (You might be sensing a pattern... :) 

If you're not quite sure this singing group is for you, or if you just find yourself curious as to what this is all about, join us for a Drop-In session or two in September! Click here for more info

Can't wait to sing with you all during the Fall Session. Woohoo!