A little about Coco:  

Coco was recently named Contemporary Singer of the Year at the 2021 Canadian Folk Music Awards... woot! :)

Coco Love Alcorn has had a deep, 30 year long career of performing at festivals, theatres and other top venues all across Canada and beyond; singing, recording, exploring, collaborating and writing in many genres of music. She has toured with a rock band, led electronic projects, got her start as a teen in jazz, fronted a 10 piece cover pop band in Vancouver, has dabbled in hip-hop, country and even classical.

These days she is mostly known for her own special blend of soul and folk, and her love of improvisation. Coco has also been embraced by the community choir world in recent years for her simple and singable original songs. Many of her songs have been covered by choirs, and "The River" is a true grass roots choir hit. "The River" has been sung all over the world and has found its way into over 250 community choirs plus also church choirs, song circles, yoga retreats, climate rallies, living rooms and campfire jam sessions. Woot!  

Coco also leads an in person choir at home in Owen Sound, ON and has led singing/creativity workshops all across Canada and performed live with many choirs. (As seen in the photos on this page.)

To learn more about Coco visit her website: cocolovealcorn.com