Wonderland Singers Summer Choir FAQ

What songs will we be singing?

A mix of Coco's original songs, a handful of cover tunes and music of the moment. A music page with a few selections will be posted soon.

Will we be able to all hear each other while we sing?

No. Due to varying internet speeds and lag times, all the participants will be muted and only hearing Coco's voice when we sing. Coco will often be layering her voice with advanced looping technology which will allow singers to hear harmony parts and approximate the feeling of singing with multiple voices.

What time are these sessions in my time zone?  

Tuesdays are at 2pm EST... (that's 11am Vancouver, 12pm Calgary, 2pm Toronto, 3pm Halifax... etc)

Wednesdays are at 7pm EST... (that's 4pm Vancouver, 5pm Calgary, 6pm Winnipeg, 7pm Toronto, 8pm Halifax... etc)

Will Coco be teaching us about vocal technique? Proper vocal production?

Coco will not be addressing vocal technique in these sessions. 

Is it ok if I keep my camera off during the sessions?  


Do I need to be able to read music?   

No, everything will be taught by ear. 

Is there a way for me to be singing the songs outside of our weekly sessions? 

Yes. There will be audio learning files posted on the members page for the core material. You can also find lyrics and chords in the same place. :) 

Is it ok if a miss some of the sessions?  

Yes. If you'd like to know what you missed you can find out by reviewing the sessions logs. I update them weekly on the members page. 

Will you be posting the sessions after the fact?  

No. These are meant to exist purely in the moment. 

Am I expected to do homework singing outside of the sessions? 

No. All homework is optional. If you want to spend extra time singing along with the learning files and learning harmony parts... great! If not, also great! 

Will we warm up our voices together at the start of each session? 

I always start the sessions with a wee bit of stretching and some singing that's light and easy... my Coco take on warming up. But I often get to the meat of the session pretty quick. If you feel like you would benefit from extra warm up time, here's a sweet youtube series from my friend Wendy Nixon Stothert: 30 Days Of Vocal Warm Ups With Wendy