Holding my heart open ~ Coco Love Alcorn
This is a brand new song I have composed specifically for group singing. It is in a style called a layer song, which means that there are multiple parts (in this case 4) that all work individually and also in any combination. So any 2 parts or any 3 parts work together to create a different sound and vibe and of course all 4 parts as well.

For this song, parts 1 and 2 enter on the down beat (the exact beginning of the bar, where you would often hear a kick drum in pop music). Parts 3 and 4 enter just after that, so they are staggered, coming in slightly behind parts 1 and 2. This makes these 4 simple parts slightly more challenging for learn and master singing against each other... but it's on purpose! To me it makes the whole piece more intriguing to listen to and fun to sing.

The learning files for parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 each start with that part and then have the other parts join in one at a time more quietly.

: )

(part 1)
Holding my heart
open for you
I'm holding my heart

(part 2)
Holding my heart
Holding it open

(part 3)
Holding my heart
Holding it open

(part 4)
Holding my heart
Holding my heart open