Wonderland Singers Summer Choir (online)

Come sing with Coco Love Alcorn in the Wonderland Singers. A virtual online non-auditioned community choir. :)

Do you love to sing? Do you wish you were singing more? Me too! Always... so let's do this, let's get our sing on. Together we will explore harmony, creativity, spirit connection and fun through the joy of singing. 

WHEN: Wednesday nights 7pm-8:30pm EST (So, 7pm/Toronto, 4pm/Vancouver, 8pm Halifax... etc)       

                        Jun 3 - Aug 19 = 12 sessions in total.   

WHERE: in the comfort of your own home! :) 

HOW: Streaming live through the Zoom platform. All registered participants will receive an email with a fresh invite link each week to that weeks zoom session. With online singing we lose some things but I'm discovering we also open up some different possibilities. You can read more about my thoughts on online singing here and how it will play into the vibe of these sessions.

WHAT: Coco will lead the group through a mix of Coco's songs, cover songs, and music of the moment; focusing on folk, soul, and spirit lifting songs. Coco will be teaching everything by ear using call and response singing. She will also be teaching harmony parts for many of the songs, and then using her 5-track looper to build up layers of her vocals so participants can hear and sing along with all the harmony parts.

WHO: Anyone who loves to sing is invited to take part. These sessions will be mainly focused on singing for the pure joy of it. However... be warned... above and beyond the fun and the warm fuzzy feels... There is a high probability factor that everyone who takes part will also grow and learn this summer, I know I will. Woot! 

WHY: There are so many of us stuck in isolation right now, and this is a way we can still connect and share the experience of singing together as a group.

HOW: Registration for the Summer Choir is now closed. Stay tuned for the fall choir and probably some drop in sessions leading up to it.

: )   Coco  

PS: Feel free to send a note if you have any questions: message Coco

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